Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Wanting a job" while being "not in the labor force."

In “Minimum Wage, Maximum Politics,” from Monday’s Wall Street Journal, referring to the lack of labor force participation, CKE CEO Andy Puzder observes: “More than six million people, BLS reports, are ‘not in the labor force’ but ‘want a job now.’”

They don’t want CKE’s jobs (unless CKE isn’t hiring). If they did, they would be “in the labor force.”  And if they are hiring and the people who are “not in the labor force” are not there because they are not qualified, then they may never be employable. And if we have large amounts of unemployable people, we better find some new people (immigration) so our businesses can generate the jobs and profits and taxes needed to take care of the unemployable people.

But we restrict immigration.  Even immigrants who are among the smartest people in the world, who want to attend our best colleges (which are still the world’s best) and start companies that will employ Americans are turned away.  It has been said that we would be smart to staple a green card to every college diploma a non US citizen earns.  Amen to that and to the notion of giving a green card to anyone (barring those wishing to do us harm, of course) who wants to come here and be “in the labor force.”

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