Thursday, June 13, 2013

We the People Like the Military and Hate the Congress

We the People have good judgment on the whole, and that's been confirmed in a new poll about how we feel about Congress these days.

Confidence in Congress lowest ever in Gallup poll has the story:

"Chalk up a very dubious distinction for Congress: Americans’ confidence in the institution has fallen to its lowest level ever.

That’s according to Gallup on Thursday, in a new poll ranking the combined House and Senate dead last on a list of societal institutions for the fourth year in a row.

Confidence in the legislative branch is at just 10%, down three percentage points from last year’s poll, Gallup said.

According to the polling organization: “The divided Congress, with Democrats controlling the Senate and Republicans the House, is likely part of the reason for the low levels of confidence rank-and-file Democrats and Republicans express, and is tied to Americans frustrations with Congress’ inability to get much done.”

A further factor that may be a wake-up call for legislators: the 10% level is not only the lowest on record for Congress, but for any institution. Gallup ranked 16 organizations in its newest poll. The military drew the most confidence from Americans, rising one percentage point to 76%.

The coming few months will be telling about whether Congress will be able to do anything to affect its negative rating. A major immigration overhaul backed by business and labor groups is being debated; lawmakers face a deadline for raising the U.S. debt ceiling; and comprehensive tax-reform bills may or may not make some headway.

In any case, Congress has a long climb back to the 41% confidence seen in the mid-1980s, or the 42% high point recorded by Gallup in 1973."

Summing Up

Well, maybe We the People are paying attention after all.

If so, that's a good thing. A very good thing, in fact.

If we lead, the politicians will follow. But first, we have to get mad as hell and take the lead.

It seems like that may be happening ---- finally.

Let's hope so.

Thanks. Bob.

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