Friday, June 7, 2013

Government and Progress ... Not Going to Happen

Here's a short and sweet example of how government knows best "progressives" and "conservatives" act in the "best interests" of We the People.

Notable & Quotable has the Drucker quote from the 1967 book "The Effective Executive:"

"From Peter Drucker's "The Effective Executive" (1967):

The need to slough off the outworn old to make possible the productive new is universal. It is reasonably certain that we would still have stagecoaches—nationalized, to be sure, heavily subsidized, and with a fantastic research program to "retrain the horse"—had there been ministries of transportation around 1825."

Summing Up

Creative destruction as described by Schumpeter is not in the working lexicon of government officials and elitists.

Think Post Office, think public sector unions, think K-12 public schools, think Pell Grants and student loans, think Davis-Bacon wage laws and think of all the other ways the government "helps" save the middle class.

Some things never change by being eliminated to make way for the new and better things, and that's precisely the problem with our sick system of politics today.

Thanks. Bob.

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