Monday, June 24, 2013

More on "Good" Government and Why We Should Always Trust The Government Knows Best Gang with More of Our Money

Government OPM is real. And it's wasteful. And it's never going to change, as long as the elitists are running the show instead of We the People.

Because as long as we're willing to give them more money to spend on our behalf, they'll spend it and then demand more so they can spend even more. The more we give them, the more they spend, then the more they need and on and on it goes. Until we're broke.

What once was MOM becomes something for the government elitists to spend as they please. They're simply unaccountable. It's just human nature at work, since they have no skin in the game and merely use our skin to play the wasteful and often corrupt games that they play.

Social Security Kept Paying Benefits to 1,546 Deceased has the breaking news on how our money is being spent in Washington:

"The Social Security Administration’s inspector general on Monday said the agency improperly paid $31 million in benefits to 1,546 Americans believed to be deceased.

And potentially making matters worse for the agency, the inspector general said the Social Security Administration had death certificate information on each person filed in the government database, suggesting it should have known the Americans had died and halted payments.

Of the 1,546 deceased beneficiaries, the government made payments as if each person was alive for an average of 20 extra months. One beneficiary died in April 2000, the IG said. In February 2001, the Social Security Administration recorded information from the death certificate but kept making a total of $158,000 in payments through May 2012. . . .

The Social Security Administration appears to be making some progress in this area. In 2009, the inspector general said the agency was paying benefits to 6,733 people even though death certificate records were on file. However, the IG said Monday that 91 of the Americans identified as deceased in its 2009 audit were still being paid benefits in May 2012.
The IG report didn’t say who collected the money once the beneficiary passed away or if the government will seek to recoup the funds."

Summing Up

By all means, let's raise taxes and hire more government workers.

That will help balance the budget , "stimulate" the economy and "save the middle class".

And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

Thanks. Bob.

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