Friday, June 28, 2013

Inequality and Equal Opportunity

We hear a lot about inequality these days. But inequality of outcome is a natural outcome of equal opportunity. As an example, LeBron James I'm not.

So which will we choose --- equal opportunities or equal results --- freedom or socialism?

With that firmly in mind, let's consider what Notable & Quotable has to say:

"Reducing global inequality as a principle of state action, however suggestive of an impeccable moral conscience, may well require curtailing fundamental rights underpinning free societies; free societies generally being one and the same with rich ones. Justice in a free society means treating individuals according to identical rules of conduct.

If we are to supplement or replace the classical principle of justice, which applies to individual conduct, with one of global "social justice"—or more precisely, "distributive justice"—wherein no one shall acquire more benefits than a designated authority deems justified by the prevailing distribution of global wealth, the authority will of necessity need to treat individuals according to vastly different rules of conduct."

Summing Up

How much government intervention and redistribution do we want?

How much individual freedom do we choose to retain?

The choice is ours.

Thanks. Bob.

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