Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Rich are Robbers, According to President Obama ... "Romneyhood"

Yesterday we wrote about the President's obvious campaign strategy of vilifying the rich and "saving the middle class" by getting the fat cats to pay their "fair share" in taxes.

Of course, nobody else will have their taxes raised, according to the President. {NOTE: And if you believe that part about no new taxes for anybody other than the greedy 1% guys, I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona that I'll sell to you for a "fair price."}

Today we can report that the strategy apparently even has a name --- ROMNEYHOOD.

Obama blast 'Romneyhood' in latest campaign tale says this:

"Is it really an insult for President Barack Obama to deride his election foe’s economic plan as “Romneyhood?”

In a speech on Monday, Obama asserted that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney would take from the poor and middle class to support tax cuts for the rich. It’s part of a concerted attack by the president’s campaign to tar the wealthy Republican businessman as an out-of-touch elitist bent on helping his fellow millionaires at the expense of ordinary Americans.

The accusation is, well, rich in irony. Robin Hood is famous in the old tellings of the tale, of course, for taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Romney certainly wouldn’t mind being associated with that Robin Hood.

In the president’s defense, he did explain his accusation by saying Romney’s tax plan “is like Robin Hood in reverse.” . . .  Read about Obama charge.

The Sheriff of Nottingham, on the other hand, was the true villain of the much-altered fable whose origins trace back 600 years. He was a lackey for a far-away king who abused his authority.

The sheriff was especially keen on preventing the peasantry – “working Americans” in today’s political lingo – from enjoying the bounty of the Nottingham forest: The King’s deer.  Apparently venison could only be on the royal menu.

Calling Romney “Romney of Nottingham” or “Sheriff Romney of Nottingham,” however, doesn’t have quite the same ring. And Republicans are just as likely to argue that Obama is the real Sheriff of Nottingham – a henchman for big government who prevents citizens from enjoying the fruits of their own labor."


Isn't politics great?

Aren't politicians enlightening?

Don't you appreciate the way they discuss the real fundamental issues in such an open, honest and forthright manner?

Politics sucks, of course.

I guess the real question is this: "How many American voters are suckers?"

We'll find out soon enough.

Thanks. Bob.

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