Thursday, August 16, 2012

More on Solyndra ... Probably Won't See This on Network News ... Wonder Why?

Taxpayers are getting back less than 5% of what our government knows best gang "invested" on our behalf in Solyndra, but that's not newsworthy, I guess. That's right; a greater than 95% loss of our money "invested."

Taxpayers to Recover a Mere $24 Million from Solyndra; Networks Ignore has the costly details:

"From the Media Research Center

The three networks have, thus far, ignored the revelation that American taxpayers will only recover a mere $24 million of the $527 million lost on Solyndra, a new report by the Dow Jones newswire revealed last week.

The evening newscasts and morning shows have skipped the announcement.

The Washington Examiner explained on Thursday, "In a little-noticed move, Solyndra LLC officially released it bankruptcy plan this week. The official word from it is that taxpayers will recover only $24 million of the about $527 million."

The only utterance of Solyndra last week came when Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus brought it up on Sunday's This Week.

Talking to an unhappy-looking George Stephanopoulos, the RNC chairman zinged, "The entire philosophy of...Barack Obama can be summarized in one word and that's Solyndra. That's Barack Obama's philosophy."

The Examiner piece quoted the Dow newswire as pointing out that "documents filed Friday evening in a Delaware bankruptcy court say private equity firms, including one whose chief has ties to the Obama administration, will get back at least half of the $70 million they put into Solyndra early last year as the company battled for survival."

As the Examiner's Sean Higgins reminded, "US taxpayers, on the other hand, won't be so lucky."

U.S. taxpayers will lose 95.5 percent of their investment, but Obama-connected investigators will get back "at least half." Imagine how the media would react if the situation was reversed and this were true of a Republican president and his or her wealthy donors.

Summing Up 

Government "investments" like Solyndra should be scrutinized by the "investors," aka taxpayers.

Same with ethanol, postal services, "saving" General Motors, and many other costly perennial losers of vast amounts of "investor" money, aka taxpayer funds, which were converted from MOM to OPM and then wasted in prodigious amounts, all the while going unreported by the media and unexplained by our "public servants."

And while we're at it, how about outlining the opportunity costs associated with the "investments" not made by the private sector due to government policies, such as is the case with the Keystone XL pipeline project?

Our government knows best bunch of elitists is not being held to any MOM accountability standards, and the mainstream media is a most willing accomplice in this ongoing fraud.

Let's never get used to the way this government "business" on behalf of We the People is being done. 

Let's all demand change and fight to restore hope. That's what real hope and change looks like.

Thanks. Bob.

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