Saturday, August 11, 2012

Breaking News ... Paul Ryan for Romney's Running Mate? ... Announcement Today?

Reports this morning say Paul Ryan of Wisconsin will be Mitt Romney's pick for Vice President. 

If the reports are accurate, that will be a very good thing for Americans. We'll have a clear indication that Romney is for fundamental change that will alter the "big government knows best" path that America has been on for far too long now.

Ryan's a lightning rod and the guy that the Obama ad campaign shows pushing Grandma off the cliff in a wheel chair, saying he'll gut Medicare and other government welfare entitlement programs. What he really wants to do, of course, is set them on a sustainable course and make the contributions and benefits affordable for future generations.

My belief is that We the People deserve and should demand a clear choice between big and smaller government, and a Ryan nomination would certainly provide that. The Romney announcement should come today, according to press reports.

A Recent Push for Paul Ryan says the following:
"For conservatives, Rep. Paul Ryan was man of the week — a week that could culminate in his selection as Mitt Romney‘s running mate on Saturday morning.

As we noted earlier on Washington Wire, his stock as a potential running mate to Mr. Romney was boosted by a column by Stephen F. Hayes and William Kristol of the Weekly Standard. It urged Mr. Romney to pick Mr. Ryan or Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida as the vice-presidential nominee.

Their argument for Mr. Ryan: President Obama and other Democrats are going to take aim at Mr. Ryan’s budget and Medicare plan, an attempt to rein in federal spending that has become the focal point of the Republican policy agenda in Congress. Why not have Mr. Ryan himself explain it?

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page then weighed in with an editorial titled “Why Not Paul Ryan?

“The case for Mr. Ryan is that he best exemplifies the nature and stakes of this election,” it argued.

”More than any other politician, the House Budget Chairman has defined those stakes well as a generational choice about the role of government and whether America will once again become a growth economy or sink into interest-group-dominated decline.”

As the Journal’s news pages reported Friday, Mr. Ryan also exemplifies the promise and peril of a colorful choice. Mr. Ryan has drafted budget plans that cut taxes and spending and overhaul safety-net programs, making him a hero to conservatives. But Democrats have attacked the Ryan plan as essentially ending Medicare."

Summing Up

Let's hope Ryan's the guy picked. That would tell us Romney is serious and not afraid to do bold things to fix our problems.

Then We the People will have to decide whether we're serious and up to the challenge to reverse course and return to embracing the basic American values of individual free choice, capitalistic competition and a responsible limited government comprised of our elected representatives and public servants doing the people's work.

In that event, this November's elections would tell us a lot about We the People, what we value and how we feel about such things as self reliance, fiscal responsibility, "fairness between generations," crony capitalism and limited government.

Stay tuned.

Thanks. Bob.

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