Saturday, November 15, 2014

ObamaCare Legislation and the Truth ... The President and Congress Lie to Us, The National Debt Climbs, and We the "Stupid" People Are Left to Pay the Bills

It's time to wise up, fellow stupid ones. ObamaCare is based on a lie, and it's a whopper.

But now we've been "Gruberized," and that's a good thing. The arrogant and despicable Professor and Obama adviser has spoken the truth about ObamaCare. And that truth reveals clearly how our 'progressive public servants' tend to treat us when doing the people's work. Because we're considered by them to be too stupid to understand what's good for us, they think and act for us. And they don't dare tell us the truth because we wouldn't want to hear it.

Perhaps rather than a villain, Professor Jonathan Gruber is actually a national hero for bringing to the public's attention the gamesmanship and dirty lies the politicians tell and the utter disdain they have for We the People. Mr. Gruber was paid more than $1 million for his expertise and help in crafting ObamaCare and walking it through the hallowed halls of Congress. And guess who paid him? We did. That's right -- stupid us.

But in the minds of Democratic officials, at least at that time, the one million dollars paid to Gruber on our behalf was money well spent. His efforts helped to pass ObamaCare by putting lipstick on what we would otherwise recognize as an ugly, expensive and lying pig. Government 'progressivism' requires that politicians lie to us so that they can do for (to?) us that which we are unable or not smart enough to do for ourselves. And the national debt grows ever higher while personal freedoms are gradually removed and personal responsibility and self reliance fall further from grace.

But let's look at the broader story Gruber is telling --- such as keeping score the political way, and forcing the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to use phony assumptions, keep a phony lowball scoring system and then use that phony scoring to tell We the People, aka the 'stupid' citizenry, that the costs of legislation such as ObamaCare won't be excessive. The politicians know when they're lying to us (most of the time), and now all of us know too.

So thanks, Mr. Gruber, for speaking the truth. Even though you are a condescending, mouthy, arrogant, contemptible and total fool, by telling us the truth about Washington politics, you have done a great public service. Now we are more familiar with both what ObamaCare's future costs will be, and we also know the story about Washington's bogus budgetary score keeping system, CBO forecasts and the credibility of our elected officials. Next time it will, and should be, shame on stupid us.

Jonathan Gruber's 'Stupid' Budget Tricks is subtitled 'His ObamaCare candor shows how Congress routinely cons taxpayers:

"As a rule, Americans don’t like to be called “stupid,” as Jonathan Gruber is discovering. Whatever his academic contempt for voters, the ObamaCare architect and Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his candor about the corruption of the federal budget process.

In his now-infamous talk at the University of Pennsylvania last year, Professor Gruber argued that the Affordable Care Act “would not have passed” had Democrats been honest about the income-redistribution policies embedded in its insurance regulations. But the more instructive moment is his admission that “this bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies.”. . .

He’s right that to pass ObamaCare Democrats perpetrated the rawest, most cynical abuse of the CBO since its creation in 1974. . . . he discusses how he and Democrats wrote the law to game the CBO’s fiscal conventions and achieve goals that would otherwise be “politically impossible.” In still another, he explains that these ruses are “a sad statement about budget politics in the U.S., but there you have it.”

Yes you do. Such admissions aren’t revelations, since the truth has long been obvious to anyone curious enough to look. . . .

But rarely are liberal intellectuals as full frontal as Mr. Gruber about the accounting fraud ingrained in ObamaCare. Also notable are his do-what-you-gotta-do apologetics: “I’d rather have this law than not,” he says.

Recall five years ago. The White House wanted to pretend that the open-ended new entitlement would spend less than $1 trillion over 10 years and reduce the deficit too. Congress requires the budget gnomes to score bills as written, no matter how unrealistic the assumption or fake the promise. Democrats with the help of Mr. Gruber carefully designed the bill to exploit this built-in gullibility.

So they used a decade of taxes to fund merely six years of insurance subsidies. They made-believe that Medicare payments to hospitals will some day fall below Medicaid rates. . . .

On the tape, Mr. Gruber also identifies a special liberal manipulation: CBO’s policy reversal to not count the individual mandate to buy insurance as an explicit component of the federal budget....

The CBO director responsible for this switcheroo that moved much of ObamaCare’s real spending off the books was Peter Orszag, who went on to become Mr. Obama’s budget director. . . .

Then again, Mr. Gruber (said) that although ObamaCare “is 90% health insurance coverage and 10% about cost control, all you ever hear people talk about is cost control. How it’s going to lower the cost of health care, that’s all they talk about. Why? Because that’s what people want to hear about because a majority of Americans care about health-care costs.” . . .

Mr. Gruber’s honesty is another warning that the budget rules are rigged to expand government and hide the true cost of entitlements. CBO scores . . . are guesses about the future, biased by . . . models its political masters in Congress instruct it to use."

Summing Up

The elitist and all knowing Professor Gruber, speaking on behalf of the Democratic Party and the entire Obama administration, has inadvertently spoken the truth about ObamaCare to We the People.

He told us that they lie to us for our own good, and that they do this because we aren't smart or attentive enough to realize what's really happening in Washington.

My guess is that, thanks to the arrogant and despicable Mr. Gruber, we will now be much better students going forward. Maybe we'll even get some politicians to stop acting stupid, because as Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does."

So who are the stupid ones? Well, if Mr. Gruber, his political clients, and academics generally are the smartest guys in the room, I'll volunteer to be their exact opposite, aka the 'stupidest' one.

Remember when President Obama told us that if we liked our existing health plan, we could keep it? Well, that turns out to have been just a little white lie compared to what we now know about ObamaCare, thanks to Mr. Gruber.

So other than once more expressing my deeply held and 'stupid' opinion that politics sucks, I have nothing more to add.

Thanks. Bob.

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