Sunday, November 16, 2014

Obama on Economics and Energy ... Another Beheading ... The Clueless President

President Obama has been hailed as a great communicator and a very intelligent person.

If he's either or both of those, he must be ignorant about energy independence and national security, economic growth, job creation, and maintaining solid relations with our allies. Either that or he's a creepy politician who believes that We the People are complete fools and will accept as truth anything that he represents to be true. Big Brother is on the job.

Although there are numerous examples of his recklessness through inaction and indecisiveness, I'm specifically referring to the seemingly interminable delay of the Keystone XL pipeline project's approval or denial. He claims to be waiting for a bureaucratic report following a six year long investigation of the project's potential benefits for Americans. The reality is that he's merely engaging in an ongoing stalling tactic of 'death by delay' in order to placate greenies like hedge fund manager and environmentalist Tom Steyer. Sometimes I wonder just how 'stupid' he thinks we are?

He probably thinks we're just as stupid as we were when ObamaCare was passed and its phony future cost savings were touted. In that regard, at least the arrogant Professor Gruber was honest in articulating his view about the 'stupidity' and inattentiveness of We the People.

Don't we minions have a right to be told the truth, aka "Gruberized," about Keystone and any plans for military assistance in Syria or Ukraine? Do we even have any plans? And don't we deserve the same forthright, albeit disgusting and elitist, "Gruberish" honesty from our two time elected President about the Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, immigration policy and our continuing appeasement and energy dependence on those who hate us? While we wait, he waffles.

Meanwhile, and after six years of waiting, we still haven't taken the first step to reap the benefits that Keystone XL would provide the American people in the form of energy independence, national security, economic growth, more good jobs and lower energy prices, thus leading to a more prosperous society. And the beheadings and disrespect for America continue to spread thoughout the world.

Yes, our American politics sucks. It really does.

Obama's Latest Economics Lesson is subtitled 'He says the Keystone XL pipeline will merely transport 'their oil:'"

"Friday . . . Mr. Obama was asked at a press conference about the Keystone XL pipeline, which has been waiting for approval for the length of his Presidency. The pipeline would allow oil to flow from Canada all the way to the Gulf Coast.

In off-the-cuff remarks, Mr. Obama managed to insult our great northern neighbors while suggesting that the project would be no help to U.S. workers or consumers. “Understand what this project is: It is providing the ability of Canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the Gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else. It doesn’t have an impact on U.S. gas prices.”

Someone should tell the President that oil markets are global and adding to global supply might well reduce U.S. gas prices, other things being equal. A tutor could add that Keystone XL will also carry U.S. light oil from North Dakota’s Bakken Shale. So even if he thinks that bilateral trade only helps Canada, he’s still wrong about Keystone.

“If my Republican friends really want to focus on what’s good for the American people in terms of job creation and lower energy costs,” the President added, “we should be engaging in a conversation about what are we doing to produce even more homegrown energy.” Mr. Obama routinely entreats Congress to spend taxpayer money on “infrastructure” to create jobs, yet he implies that the 1,179-mile Keystone infrastructure project won’t create jobs. Perhaps Mr. Obama really does think the American people are stupid."

Breaking News ... Another American Beheaded

We continue to rely unnecessarily on energy supplied by those who hate us {See Islamic State Video Claims Beheading of U.S. Aid Worker}, including the Russians, while denying close partners and allies like Canada the opportunity to sell oil to us. 

And now Obama implies that Canadian oil is 'their oil' and that North Dakota is a foreign energy source as well.

Who's the stupid one?

Summing Up

Our President is either clueless or believes that We the People are clueless. I'd bet on the latter, but the result is the same.

In any case, he's clueless if for no other reason than because he believes that we're clueless.

Two more years of this nonsense will be more than enough.

That's my take.

Thanks. Bob.

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