Saturday, September 6, 2014

Politics Reigns Supreme ... More Hurry Up and Wait ... Until After the Elections, Of Course

The following is breaking news this Saturday morning, and it's worth sharing due to its all politics, all the time theme. And why politics sucks.

Obama to Delay Executive Action on Immigration Until After Elections provides another straightforward example to the game of politics as played in America today:

"President Barack Obama will delay executive action on immigration until after the November elections, a White House official said Saturday, breaking a pledge to act by the end of summer.
Senate Democrats had complained that immigration-policy action, which is expected to shelter certain illegal immigrants from deportation, could hurt their election campaigns.
The president is expected to act on the issue by year's end."
Summing Up
Acting on the immigration issue "by year's end" is code language for waiting after the November elections, of course.
And that's just one more reason why We the People are being taken for fools, regardless of how we feel on the immigration issue.
That's my take.
Thanks. Bob.

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