Friday, September 14, 2012

The Obama Ally Who Taught the President to say "You Didn't Build That" is Too Much of a Scold for Even Some Democrats ... Maybe There's Hope After All

Elizabeth Warren has been one of my least favorite people for several years now. She is a first class know-it-all and all she knows is that successful people are bad people. Period.

Now she's running against Scott Brown for a Massachusetts Senate seat. Polls indicate the race is a cliff hanger. I sure hope she loses. I also hope that after she loses, she doesn't get a job "saving" consumers again in the second Obama administration.

Warren Tries a Makeover describes the situation this way:

"Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Senate candidate from Massachusetts who is challenging Republican incumbent Scott Brown, wants to show voters her softer side.

The Boston Globe reported this week that Warren campaign advisers, at the urging of "top Democratic leaders" in the state, "are considering a new strategy that will be aimed at toning down what those leaders call the preachy tone that has dominated her ads until now." And not just her ads.

Last week, Ms. Warren used a prime time speech at the Democratic convention to proclaim that the American economic system is "rigged" to favor oil companies, billionaires and Wall Street CEOs at the expense of the rest of us. Her YouTube tirades instruct entrepreneurs to thank government for any success because "there is no one in this country who got rich on his own."

The pressure on the candidate to shift her media strategy "comes as Democrats, including some in Washington, have become worried that her commercials give off an unappealing image," said the Globe. "With her animated speaking style and tendency to gesticulate, Warren at times comes across as a 'scolding advocate,'" it added, citing unnamed Democratic sources, "while Brown's own ads have helped him polish his image."

According to the latest polls, Mr. Brown has a slight lead over Ms. Warren. He also has the backing of around a quarter of Obama supporters in Massachusetts. Apparently, and this may shock some Political Diary readers, even Bay State liberals who gave us four decades of Ted Kennedy don't seem eager to send a populist scold to the U.S. Senate."

Summing Up

Watch what happens in liberal Massachusetts for a glimpse of just how much the average American resents the success of other Americans.

My guess is not as much as Ms.Warrren obviously believes, but we'll soon see.

The outcome of Brown vs. Warren will tell us a lot about that.

Thanks. Bob.


  1. Don't be surprised if the "Oklahoma Indian" (Warren) wins in Mass. Besides Kennedy, the state is also the home of Cadillac Coupe DeVal the re-elected governor and the hilariously idiotic and extreme leftie Mayor "Mumbles" Menino who will be mayor for life and, also the home of Willard's version of "gubMit" health care. I think the state's budget is now several hundred million out of balance since Willard signed off on it in 2006 and left town...the call???...Warren in a squeaker...and, a bonus "call"...Mit won't repeal ObongoCare if elected...his RINO roots will be exposed again...along with his magic underwear!!! reveal he's no Ronald Reagan after all...

    1. I won't be surprised at all if Warren wins in Taxachusetts. What's surprising isthat she may even lose. Who'd a think it a few short months ago?

      I won't be surprised either if Obama wins handily. The Dems who wanted Hillary to lose in 2008 got their wish and elected Obama.

      The Repubs may get their wish and by their lack of passion sit on the sidelines and help beat Romney in 2012.

      Be careful what you wish for makes more sense to me each day.

      Thanks. Bob.