Friday, September 14, 2012

The Charade Is Over, As Predicted, In Chicago Teachers Strike ... Back to School Monday

As expected (See our post very early Thursday about the "fix" being in), the Chicago teachers strike has ended on time and as "scripted." As a result, students and teachers will be returning to their classrooms Monday.

Although not yet 100% finalized, a tentative agreement has been reached, and it would be a huge surprise to all concerned if the 'deal' somehow fell apart prior to formal ratification by the teachers union on Sunday.

Chicago Teachers, City Reach Tentative Deal has the details:

"CHICAGO—Teachers-union and city officials said Friday they have a basic outline of a new contract and hope to seal the deal Sunday, potentially ending a five-day strike that has gripped this city.

"My message to parents is to be prepared to have your children in school Monday," said David Vitale, president of the Chicago Board of Education, as he emerged from contract talks Friday afternoon.

"The heavy lifting is over. We are down to what we believe are the details."

Officials with the school district tweeted that the two sides have reached a "tentative agreement."

Robert Bloch, attorney for the Chicago Teachers Union, said union leaders would take the proposed deal to the union's governing House of Delegates for review later this afternoon. That group has the power to call off the strike, but it was unclear whether they planned to take such a vote Friday.

Neither side would offer specifics of the proposal deal, but the two have been locked in marathon contract talks since last weekend over a new teacher evaluation system, which would link student test scores to teacher evaluations, and over jobs for laid-off teachers."

Summing Up

Entertaining but unreal. The kids have been had, the parents have been had, the taxpayers have been had, and the union has won.

Now President Obama and the unions can focus on his winning reelection in November.

At least that's my take.

Thanks. Bob.

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