Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Obama In His Own Words ... Admits to We the People That He's a Liar ... But To Barack, Bill and Hillary, It's Just Part of Being Presidential

Some may wonder about my assertion that in addition to Queen Hillary, President Obama is a liar as well. (See my prior post.)

Here are five reasons why that's the case:

(1) Obama says that Hillary is the most qualified candidate ever to run for the office of presidency;.

(2) He's the sitting President and has successfully run for that office twice;

(3) Hillary served in Obama's administration as Secretary of State and prior to that was First Lady when her husband Bill was in office;

(4) During his presidency, Bill lied repeatedly about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky (such as the meaning of the word 'is' and 'I didn't have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.') and perhaps many other things. Hillary then lied about Bill's relationship with  Monica, Paula Jones and several other women. Obama was and is aware of all this; and

(5) Obama believes that Hillary, who he says is the most qualified candidate ever to run for the presidency (assuming he's not lying when he says this), is more qualified to be President than he and Bill were when campaigning for the highest elected office in America. (We'll leave out of the comparison people like George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.)

Accordingly, Obama believes Hillary is either a bigger or lesser liar that either Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

If Obama believes that he is the bigger liar and for that reason Hillary is more qualified to be the President, then that says a lot about him.

On the other hand, if Obama believes she is a bigger liar than he is, then that also says a lot about his view of presidential qualifications.

And if Obama believes that Hillary isn't a liar, then that says the most of all.


My take is that according to Obama, Hillary and Bill, lying is just part of the job duties of the presidency.

And that's why I've long believed and said repeatedly that politics sucks as it is practiced in today's America.

Yet We the People continue to listen to the lies and proceed to elect the liars.

What's that say about us?

Thanks. Bob.

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