Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hillary's Clear Political Path to the Presidency Includes False Promises of 'Free Stuff' for the Young ... It's Indeed a Rigged but Winning Strategy

Hillary's response to the report of her lying about emails was a simple and nonresponsive one --- free college and loan forgiveness for indebted students. And she probably will get another hall pass from voting Americans for doing so. In fact, she'll probably get more votes.

Here's why Hillary will get enough votes from enough of We the People to replace Barack as the nation's Liar-In-Chief.

Bernie Sanders beat Hillary by a whole lot with younger voters in the Democratic primaries.

On the other hand, Hillary really stomped Bernie with black voters.

The teachers union endorsed Hillary at the outset. Their support means Hillary won't endorse any loss of dues paying public school teachers since parents and their kids won't be allowed free choice as where to attend schools.

Thus, more public school students will equate to more union dues paid by greater numbers of well paid and often unqualified tenured public school teachers. This is turn will contribute to higher taxes paid by these same students as adults when they have to pay for the future salaries and unfunded pensions of their current teachers and school administrators.

And when college is 'free,' that means more 'students' will be enrolled, whether able or willing to do the work or not. That in turn means more government funding for the additional students, which in turn means higher pay and pension benefits for college teachers and administrators. It's the 'butts in the seat' road to more money for colleges, pure and simple.

Now let's explore the vote getting strategy which will undoubtedly ensure a Hillary victory over Donald in November.

Hillary now advocates 'free' college and the forgiveness of student loan obligations for the young and heavily indebted Bernie supporters. Offering 'free' stuff is a definite vote getter, even though the newly converted young Hillary voters and their 'smart' college student counterparts will undoubtedly get the shaft down the road --- but only after Hillary has left office, of course.

Hillary is now all-in for 'free stuff.'  Translated that means she is buying the support of teachers unions and (unlike the elite education for her kids, other Democratic politicians and the Obama children as well) opposes providing all Americans with free choice with respect to which schools their kids will attend. That translates into higher pay for public sector workers since more students means more money coming from government, aka taxpayers. And that in turn means more pay and pension benefits for teachers as well as more dues for Hillary supporting union leaders.

And on top of that, the parents whose kids who attend poorly performing urban schools are going to vote massively for Hillary anyway. And when these same kids grow up unable to compete effectively in the globally competitive job market, their taxes will be increased to pay for all the guaranteed and unfunded pension benefits provided to the dues paying teachers and their union leaders.

Clinton tuition plans suggests more Sanders policies may be absorbed says this about the prospects for more vote getting 'freebies' likely to be promised by Hillary:

"Hillary Clinton took a page from Bernie Sanders’ campaign playbook on Wednesday by embracing free tuition for some American college students. And if Sanders has his way, it won’t be the last time she echoes her primary-season rival.

On Wednesday, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee proposed offering tuition-free college to students from certain families, as well as a three-month moratorium on student loan payments to all federal loan borrowers. In a statement, Clinton said her plan would make sure families “can send a child or loved one to college tuition-free” and give student debt holders “immediate relief.”

Read: Hillary Clinton embraces some of Bernie Sanders’ ‘free college’ ideas.

Sanders hailed Clinton’s move, which came about three weeks before the Democratic convention. But Sanders, who has still not endorsed Clinton’s candidacy for president, is unlikely to stop trying to push Clinton to the left. In addition to tuition-free college, he has suggested Clinton would need to support a $15 federal minimum wage and health care for all to win his endorsement. . . .

On Wednesday, at least, Sanders was singing Clinton’s praises, saying her tuition plan could “revolutionize” higher education. During the campaign, Sanders proposed allowing all students to attend a four-year college tuition-free. Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, said in a statement that Clinton’s proposals “should be welcome news for Bernie Sanders supporters.”

Among those supporters: young people, and lots of them. The Washington Post reported last month that Sanders won more votes among those under 30 than Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump combined. The Post cited a Tufts University report showing more than two million young people cast ballots for Sanders in the 21 states that voted by June 1. For Clinton and Trump combined, the number was fewer than 1.6 million."

Summing Up

The unfunded election promises will continue to mount and the nation's already excessive indebtedness will continue to grow.

The overwhelming majority of Clinton supporting nonwhite parents will continue to send their kids to lousy inner city K-12 public schools where poorly performing teachers will continue to receive rich salaries and guaranteed full pensions upon their retirement at age 50 or earlier.

And when today's 'free' college students later become adult taxpayers, they too will be forced to pay for the current unaffordable salary and pension promises being made today to their teachers and administrators.

Yes, the teachers, their unions and other public employees will campaign vigorously to elect Hillary and get their hard fought for payback upon her election.

See how simple it is. Hillary and the public sector employees, along with their unions, will be the winners and our kids' futures, as well as those of the rest of We the People, will be the losers.

Donald's right about at least one thing. The game is rigged.

That's my take.

Thanks. Bob.

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