Monday, May 6, 2013

Buffett on Stocks

Warren Buffett likes stocks and recommends that individuals look to the long term and not try to time market moves. It's my approach as well.

Buffett: Stocks are great right now, but bonds are bad news says this:

"Bonds, he (Buffet) said, are “a terrible investment right now,” and stocks “aren’t ridiculously high.”. . .

Don’t, Buffett advised, try to time the market.

“People pay way too much attention to the short term,” he said. Instead, savvy stock investors should keep an eye on the Dow and pay attention when milestones are crossed on the downside. “That’s when stocks are getting cheaper. That’s when stocks are going on sale.”

While the Dow closed out on an all-time high last week — no “down” milestone there — Buffett predicted that up is the only way to go from here.

“Probably in my lifetime … you will see markets that are far higher than this,” he told CNBC. “The retention of earnings by American industry, the growth of the country, will cause stocks to go higher over time.”"

Summing Up

That's enough Buffett for today.

That said, in my opinion, what he says about both bonds and stocks makes lots of sense for individual investors.

Thanks. Bob.

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