Friday, March 29, 2013

Media Supports Keystone Pipeline ... Chicago Tribune Tells President to Stop "Dawdling" and Approve Construction

More and more public pressure and wide media support for the movement toward U.S. energy independence keep mounting while President Obama remains silent on the subject. This presidential silence can't go on much longer.

And if we didn't know that presidential politics isn't really about doing the right thing for all Americans, we'd be surprised at Mr. Obama's failure to have taken action already.

But then, we'd also be surprised about closing the White House to We the People, aka the owners, and school kids, aka also the owners, during their spring breaks. And we'd be surprised about the Obama aministration threatening to delay flights all over the country due to the harmful effects of "sequestration."

Of course, we'd also be surprised about the president refusing to accept the authority to make common sense choices about sequestration when deciding what to keep doing and what to stop doing as a result of a minimal amount of government spending being curtailed.

We'd be surprised, if not for politics. But we know that politics sucks so what's there to be surprised about?

Still, politicians of all stripes take polls and are guided by their findings. And since the media definitely has a considerable impact on public opinion, it's good to the Chicago Tribune taking the president to task for failing to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline project. That will help.

Chicago Tribune: Stop 'dawdling,' approve Keystone says this:

"An editorial in Friday’s Chicago Tribune called on President Barack Obama to approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, saying the decision is “an easy one” and “long overdue.”‘

Even if the oil flowing through Keystone would be exported, the U.S. would still benefit from the pipeline construction and refinery jobs created, the Tribune said. “Allow America to draw on its bounty,” the newspaper said.

That was the latest Trib editorial in support of Keystone. Liberal media watchdog Media Matters concluded last year that editorials supporting Keystone outnumbered those opposing it, and The Washington Post, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal have also supported it. The New York Times, however, came out against it most recently in a March 10 editorial."

Summing Up

Amen to that.

Thanks. Bob.

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