Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Irony in Dixon, Illinois

Dixon, Illinois was the childhood hometown of Ronald Reagan. As I recall, Dixon is a relatively small town of roughly 30,000 residents or so.

The city's recent claim to fame was the decades long and undetected theft of approximately $54 million from the city by its long time Comptroller. The 'lady' is now serving time in prison.

And now Dixon's teachers have decided to go on strike.

Here's my take.

Taxpayers in Dixon are paying heavily for the good government that they're not getting.

First, their money was stolen by a government employee over many decades, and the employee's theft wasn't even detected by other government officals, including the city's auditors.

And now more government employees, aka teachers, are seeking to extract more money from their fellow Dixon taxpayers by going on strike.

No word has been forthcoming on how well the taxpayers' money has been spent by Dixon public schools in the way of improved student performance over the years. Just a demand that teacher pay be increased or the teachers won't show up for work. They'd rather picket in the snow. Tough luck, Dixon kids.

Teachers strike continues in Dixon says this:

"The Dixon Education Association and the Dixon School Board stopped talks late Sunday without an agreement. Classes were canceled Monday. The 168 teachers went on strike Thursday.
Union President Sandi Sodergren-Baar said financial issues and classroom conditions will be discussed Monday night. She said agreements were reached on length of the school day and school year.

Teachers wave to passing motorists as they picket in front of Lincoln School on Monday in Dixon on the third day of a teachers strike.

Summing Up

Am I the only one wondering whether We the People are getting our money's worth from our "public servants?"

And this wondering extends to include our local, state, federal, K-12, college and other public sector workers, one and all.

And am I the only one who believes that MOM always trumps OPM.

And knows that the more money that is spent by government means that more money must first be taken from individuals.

Who's best positioned to spend that money wisely, and who's more likely to waste it?

I know what Ronald Reagan believed, and I believe he was right about that.

All the way.

Thanks. Bob.

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