Friday, December 14, 2012

3 Blue Chip Dividend Paying Companies Whose Shares May Be Worth Owning

I own shares of McDonald's (MCD), Intel (INTC) and Microsoft (MSFT), among others. I've owned shares of each company for many, many years.

They are all blue chip companies that have strong earnings, pay healthy dividends, have a record of increasing them consistently and are financially very strong and solid companies.

And they share one more characteristic as well. Their stocks have performed poorly in 2012.

The article 3 unloved dividend stocks to watch in 2013 is perhaps worth taking a few minutes to read and review.

For the record, McDonald's current dividend yield (annual cash dividend rate divided by current share price) is 3.2%, Intel's is 4.2% and Microsoft's is 3%.

These are relatively low priced blue chip companies, and each has a strong history of paying growing dividends to its shareholders.

Of course, there are many other similarly situated companies as well, but these three are the subject of the above referenced article and also three that I own personally.

As such, they serve as good examples of 'value' stocks, which I personally prefer to own.

Thanks. Bob.

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