Sunday, August 14, 2011

College Selection; Costs and Benefits

Recently we discussed college selection and its costs and benefits. We also emphasized the importance of avoiding or minimizing student loans when deciding which college to attend.

Colleges That Help Grads Get Top Salaries is about a survey which deals with this very topic. The study included 50 colleges throughout the nation, and it compares the costs of attendance and later salaries of graduates who attended Ivy league, Private and Public colleges and universities, respectively.

The basic conclusion, unsurprisingly, is that good public universities are the best bang for the buck, all things considered. Ivy League graduates were in second place, and private colleges finished last.

According to the survey results, the top six college selections in descending order are Georgia Tech, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and Clemson, respectively. Sounds good to me.

All that said, regardless of the school attended, individual SAT scores are deemed to be the best predictor of future financial success, according to another survey.

Accordingly, the takeaway would be to first achieve a high SAT score, then attend a strong in-state public college, get good grades, graduate on time or earlier, and then begin collecting the financial rewards.

And lest I forget, try to avoid accumulating student debt while doing all of the above.

Thanks. Bob.

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