Thursday, June 30, 2011

Which Way Will Be The American Way of the Future?

"We the People" are faced with a momentous decision and thus have a compelling reason to become both deeply aware and knowledgeable. It's very much about choosing the right path forward for our American future.
Robert Frost's 1920 poem "The Road Not Taken" must have been written with just this type of decision in mind. His poem is definitely worth reading again, so you may wish to take a few minutes to bing it or google it at your leisure.
While all the daily headlines currently review every piece of theatrics from the Washington based politicians and their positions about how to resolve the issue du jour ..... the debt ceiling resolution ....... that's not the fundamental issue facing us. Here's the real question for us to decide.
Will we embrace freedom, personal responsibility and what we've always believed to be the big idea about what it is to be an American, or will we choose to become even more like the Europeans?
While this America or Europe choice may sound like "Greek" to some, the choice is certainly not Greece for me. Similarly, the way forward is not Italy, Portugal, Spain, Britain, France or Germany either.
Please take the time to read A Debt-Limit Election.
Thanks. Bob.

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