Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Savings, 401k plans and such .... The Road to Knowledge

The referenced article (Retirement Plans Make Comeback, With Limits) deals with the current state of private sector 401k defined contribution retirement plans and the reinstatement of company matching contributions.

Along these lines, my own view is that each of us must make a serious effort to gain more knowledge about saving and investing as it clearly represents one of the keys to our future well being as members of a free and self reliant society. The financial security for future generations will only come as a result of our individual and combined efforts to make it happen. First, we must come to know that which in the past we perhaps didn't need to know.

Accordingly, we and our fellow citizens need to take the time to acquire the necessary knowledge to make good financial related decisions both for ourselves and our families.

This entire and very important subject of defined contribution versus defined benefit plans, social security versus our individual saving and investment responsibilities, private versus public sector benefits and plans, and our competitiveness as a nation, when coupled with the history of all of the above, will require lots of analysis and discussion.

We'll begin this investigation soon, and I hope you'll participate, as I intend to, in the learning process ahead.

Thanks. Bob.

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