Friday, May 6, 2016

K-12 Attendance and Preparing for Success in College, Contrasting Race Relations in the Military and on College Campuses, and How College Leaders Are Making Things Better or Worse, as the Case May Be ... Sharing News on Last Month's Employment Results as Well

After just having completed reading it, I want to share a thought provoking article about the negative effects of inadequate K-12 preparation for college success, as well as what happens on college campuses with respect to attempts to improve racial diversity and harmony compared to what's been done about it in the U.S. military. 

Finally, the article makes constructive proposals about how to make things better for one and all, instead of worse, as seems to be happening all too often today on far too many campuses.

Accordingly, but only if you're so inclined, please consider this your weekend homework reading assignment. It's part of a non-graded but ongoing real world exam we're all taking in real time.

Reading the below referenced and linked article covering 'Hard Truths About Race on Campus' may help you to think more broadly about things that matter to one and all of us as free Americans (at least it had that impact on me).

It should in addition cause you not to waste too much valuable time thinking about either (1) the stupid and silly political season we're in or (2) today's jobs report about the ongoing slow motion economic 'recovery' that continues to haunt our debt ridden and too slow growing U.S. economy and society. See The April Jobs Report in 9 Charts.

Hard Truths About Race on Campus is subtitled 'After recent protests, universities are scrambling to expand diversity programs that will only heighten tensions. There are better paths to racial justice in higher education.'

So read, enjoy, think, do and learn!

Thanks. Bob.

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