Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Eradication of ISIS and Domestic Terrorism ... The British 'Get It' ... When Will We?

San Bernardino is but the latest example of terrorism on the rampage in America and throughout the world.

In World War II, We the People took action when attacked and led the world in guaranteeing that Americans could continue to live in peace and that future generations would be free to pursue their individual God given rights to 'life, liberty and happiness' on their own terms so long as those choices didn't interfere with the rights of other free Americans to do likewise.

The British still understand that. Do we? Do our political leaders? Does President Obama?

For an answer to those questions, please see The Terror This Time which is subtitled 'The FBI confirms what President Obama refuses to admit.'

'We are here faced by fascists: we must now confront this evil' says all that needs to be said plainly and succinctly:

"From a speech by Hilary Benn, the Labour Party’s shadow foreign secretary, before the British House of Commons voted on Dec. 2 to support airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria:

Now Mr Speaker, no one in this debate doubts the deadly serious threat we face from Daesh and what they do, although sometimes we find it hard to live with the reality. We know that in June four gay men were thrown off the fifth story of a building in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor. We know that in August the 82-year-old guardian of the antiquities of Palmyra, Professor Khaled al-Assad, was beheaded, and his headless body was hung from a traffic light. And we know that in recent weeks there has been the discovery of mass graves in Sinjar, one said to contain the bodies of older Yazidi women murdered by Daesh because they were judged too old to be sold for sex . . . .

Now, Mr Speaker, I hope the house will bear with me if I direct my closing remarks to my Labour friends and colleagues on this side of the House. As a party we have always been defined by our internationalism. We believe we have a responsibility one to another. We never have—and we never should—walk by on the other side of the road.

And we are here faced by fascists. Not just their calculated brutality, but their belief that they are superior to every single one of us in this chamber tonight, and all of the people that we represent. They hold us in contempt. They hold our values in contempt. They hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt. They hold our democracy, the means by which we will make our decision tonight, in contempt. And what we know about fascists is that they need to be defeated. And it is why, as we have heard tonight, socialists and trade unionists and others joined the International Brigade in the 1930s to fight against Franco. It’s why this entire House stood up against Hitler and Mussolini. It is why our party has always stood up against the denial of human rights and for justice. And my view, Mr. Speaker, is that we must now confront this evil."

Summing Up

Our British friend said all that needs to be said on the subject.

It's time for all Americans to come together, for America to lead and for the free world to act.

It's time to eradicate both ISIS and domestic terrorism.

That's my take.

Thanks. Bob.

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  1. Maybe the Brits should re-arm their citizenry rather than just talking a good game for openers??!! (Like most of western Europe, hasn't private gun ownership been banned there??) Much of our "leadership" would like to do the very same thing here too no??!! (Si!) It's their "default discussion" after incidents like San Bernardino is it not?? (Si Si!!) "Out of Pedro's cold dead hands."