Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Last Night's Democratic Debate Was a Real Loser ... Big Government and the Teachers' Unions Won Without Throwing a Punch ... Getting a Fast Growing American Economy Wasn't Mentioned

In last night's televised debate, Hillary and her band of presidential personating Democratic brothers didn't bother to talk about how to get the American economy growing again. It was an awful performance.

They all came off as phony sound bite driven shallow amateurs who are totally convinced that We the People will believe anything they say and that Republicans and the private sector job creators are the real enemies.

Growing the government, protecting the climate and saving the world from greedy American private sector fat cats (instead of Putin, Assad and the world's genuinely bad guys) is their sole politics based agenda.

Growing the U.S. economy and providing good jobs in our highly indebted society, and in a nation which is central to a globally competitive economy, isn't even on the agenda. The Democratic candidates instead are conducting strictly a 'trust me' show which is all about perceived 'fairness' and redistribution programs --- and not economic growth initiatives.

They all talked in totally populist terms about somehow making the sick Obama led U.S. economy more prosperous and 'fair' to the 'little' people, aka the average American voter. And to them, 'fair' means whatever they say it means as we continue down the 'progressive' road leading to more government control, indebtedness, less individual responsibility and the $15 per hour undereducated and unemployed would-be hamburger flipper.

Bernie, Hillary and the others railed about income inequality while completely ignoring the relationship between the quality of an individual's education and economic progress. Free politician provided lunches by taxing the fat cats were on the presidential candidates' menu all evening.

The night's 'dog that didn't bark' was school choice, vouchers, charter schools and the ever growing and unaffordable cost of pensions and bloated and unproductive overhead structures for K-12 schools, trade schools and colleges alike.

Hillary got a pass from the 'brothers' on her personal integrity issues, including the Benghazi, Clinton Foundation and e-mail server bag of lies. She and Bernie even shook hands on that one.

They all praised Obama's performance and ignored the sick economy, blaming any and all economic issues on the hated fat cats and Republicans.

I watched the entire fiasco but I'm sorry I did.

The socialists, tax the rich gang and climate change enthusiasts were all on stage in the amateurish political performance of the decade, if not century.

The big government 'progressive' Democrats are counting on We the People to keep them in office in the person of Hillary or perhaps Bernie or Joe. Sadly, they're probably right about that.

Politics sucks.

That's my take.

Thanks. Bob.

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