Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last Night's Republican Debate .. A Carly vs Hillary Match-Up in the Making?

Hillary Clinton says it's time for a woman President. She may get her wish as Carly Fiorina looked like a superstar in last night's televised Republican debate.

My take is that Carly Fiorina emerged as the debate's clear winner. She came across as a Margaret Thatcher type leader, being tough, sincere and very knowledgeable throughout the evening.

She handled Trump perfectly when questioned about his recent comment concerning her looks. In his feeble response attempting humor, he came across poorly.

Marco Rubio also did very well, and Jeb Bush continued to be a background player, despite trying hard to take charge by smiling and jabbing at Trump.

Chris Christie will move up in the polls after a strong showing, but he and John Kasich each seemed to be trying too hard, even though they both had some good moments --- especially Christie on keeping American safe.

Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker were also trying hard in animated commentary but ended the evening still on the outside trying to get a seat at the inside big guy table.

Ted Cruz is too much of a know it all self centered 'my way or the highway' kind of guy, and Rand Paul should have been embarrassed. He looked to be very much out of his league.

Donald Trump began to reveal more of himself as bombastic, condescending, not very knowledgeable and only a serious showman. His 'trust me because I'm rich' story is wearing thin. I look for that to continue as he may have peaked in popularity.

Ben Carson was sincere but soft spoken. It's hard to see him at the top of the ticket, but his understated manner definitely is attractive, especially compared to Trump. His personal story from poverty to being a world class surgeon has plenty of credibility, and he is obviously a genuinely nice and smart man as well.

Trump is beginning to look vulnerable and Fiorina is beginning to look electable. So is Rubio.

After last evening's proceedings, Fiorina and Carson or Fiorina and Rubio each looks like potentially viable candidacies.

At least that's my take.

What's yours?

Thanks. Bob.

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