Friday, August 28, 2015

We the 'Sheeple' ... Gruberism Abounds, Both in Wisconsin and Throughout Most of America

I've long been of the view that politics sucks. And sadly, that thought gets stronger with each passing day of today's silly political debating and name calling season.

But today let's take a specific peak at the ongoing politics inspired disaster occurring in Wisconsin. It's a specific story that teaches why We the 'Sheeple' is an apt description of the Jonathan Gruber type disdain that most American politicians and government officials have for We the People.

If you are unfamiliar with the Wisconsin story, it goes back several years and involved a widespread and not-so-secret government run conspiracy and attempt by Wisconsin 'progressives' to defeat Scott Walker as Governor. By so doing, they would thereby maintain the public sector union leadership's influence and control over state affairs and keep in place the state's reckless spending of taxpayer, aka 'Sheeple,' supplied money.

Fortunately, the effort failed, but it clearly reveals a story that needs to be understood by We the People, lest Gruberism prevails and we become a nation of 'Sheeple.'

We 'the Sheeple' is subtitled 'New evidence that partisanship drove John Doe' and updates the sad and sick story which continues to unfold in Wisconsin:

"Wisconsin’s Supreme Court shut down the John Doe investigation of conservative groups in July, but it turns out the probe was even worse than the judges knew. Documents . . . show that partisan motives ran through those who conducted their operations in secret while using gag orders to silence targets.

Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board (GAB) regulates elections. . . . GAB staff, including Director Kevin Kennedy, worked with . . . the Milwaukee Democratic District Attorney’s office to subpoena and intimidate the major conservative players in Wisconsin politics. The investigation coalesced around the controversy over Governor Scott Walker’s union reforms and pushed the liberal agenda to limit political speech. . . .

GAB staff counsel Shane Falk encouraged the special prosecutor to keep up the good work and “stay strong” in his pursuit of conservative nonprofit groups and allies of Mr. Walker. . . .

“The cynic in me says the sheeple would still follow the propaganda even if they knew,” Mr. Falk continued . . . . By “the sheeple” Mr. Falk means Wisconsin voters.

In June 2014, Mr. Schmitz’s attorney, Randall Crocker, issued a statement saying that Governor Walker was not a target of the investigation into campaign finance coordination. “You just lied to the press,” Mr. Falk wrote in an email to . . . Mr. Kennedy, others at the GAB and Milwaukee DA John Chisholm. . . .

The Doe team was also apparently concerned that exonerating Mr. Walker as a target might have an effect on the election or damage the chances of 2014 Democratic nominee for Governor Mary Burke....

Was Mr. Falk reprimanded for his obviously partisan motives? Apparently not. When Mr. Falk left the GAB last year, Mr. Kennedy sang his praises in a departure memo posted on the GAB’s website, saying he “exemplifies all that is great about the people who work at the Government Accountability Board” and that his contributions “have been critical to steering us through some extraordinarily challenging times.” . . .

We also know that GAB staff counsel Nathan Judnic marched against Mr. Walker’s Act 10 reforms and wrote on Twitter that the state should “Stand in solidarity. Kill the bill. Support public employees and their right to bargain.”

Mr. Kennedy says the GAB is a nonpartisan agency, but the GAB was an active partner in the Doe, and there was nothing nonpartisan about that."

Summing Up

In Wisconsin and elsewhere, it's Government by SOME of the people, for SOME of the people, and of SOME of the people.

Or should we say 'SHEEPLE?'

Well, that's our call to make and not that of the Jonathan Grubers of the political world. They merely want our money to spend as they please while continuing to treat us with disdain and disrespect.

I vote for 'We the People.'

And that's my take.

Thanks. Bob.

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