Monday, July 13, 2015

Hillary and the Teachers Union Team Up to 'Help Each Other' and Solve America's Problems with Education, Income Inequality and Economic Growth ... Students, Job Seekers, Taxpayers and the U.S. Economy Will Suffer for It

The American Federation of Teachers Union (AFT) has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. The fix is in.

If any of you are just becoming acquainted with how politics functions in America or otherwise arriving on Planet Earth, here's how the 'You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' approach works. The 'partnership' will actually benefit both Hillary and the Teachers Union while harming nearly every other American --- and especially the ones who support Hillary and the teachers union. Isn't life interesting?

In any event, the fix works like this --- government paid teachers 'contribute' a portion of their government paid salary in the form of compulsory dues which are turned over to the government subsidized teachers union. The taxpayer sponsored political funding is then complete.

The dues (as well as many of the grateful teachers who volunteer their time) in turn are used to campaign for Hillary and other carefully selected and sympathetic to government candidates who are seeking political office. After being elected, Hillary and the other 'sympathetic' candidates reciprocate and pay back the union and government paid teachers by actively supporting the union and its preferred policies. That's the plan.

Will it work in 2016? Probably. And then it will likely repeat again in 2020. So get ready, America, for more government, worse education and a weaker economy. But at least Hillary and the taxpayer paid teachers and their union will be happy campers.

Of course, the biggest losers will be America's kids. Coming in a close second place in the loser category will be America's taxpayers.

Taxpayer funded political 'back scratching' is expensive in too many ways to count, and its negative effects are experienced by the purported intended beneficiaries and everyone else over a very long period of time.

The Teachers Union Votes Hillary is subtitled 'So much for liberating poor kids from failing schools.' Here's what it says:

"On Saturday the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) endorsed Hillary Clinton—16 months before Election Day.

This counts in the fight for the Democratic Party nomination because the 1.6 million member union boasts it can make a million phone calls and knock on 500,000 doors. . . .

The endorsement is even more notable as another sign of Hillary’s left political turn. Democrats in New York and elsewhere have been debating education reform, but by embracing the AFT Mrs. Clinton is choosing the union status quo that opposes school choice and teacher accountability.

Listen to AFT president Randi Weingarten’s endorsement: “Hillary understands that to reclaim the promise of public education, policy makers need to work with educators and their unions. She’s ready to work with us to confront the issues facing children and their families today, including poverty, wage stagnation, income inequality and lack of opportunity.” Translation: Mrs. Clinton will send unions more money without hassling them on tenure and charter schools.

At the AFT executive council meeting in June, Mrs. Clinton sent the same signal by declaring that, “It is just dead wrong to make teachers the scapegoats for all of society’s problems. Where I come from, teachers are the solution. And I strongly believe that unions are part of the solution, too.”

The AFT wouldn’t be backing Hillary this early if it didn’t expect to be repaid in policy if she wins. Poor children will be the losers."

Summing Up

American politics today is all about self interested people teaming up with other self interested people to help each other. And the long term best interests of the American public be damned.

It's sad but true.

In this case, the people helping each other are the AFT teachers union and Hillary Clinton.

And my current bet is that their 'marriage of convenience' will be a successful and long lasting one while working to the long term disadvantage of We the People.

That's my take.

Thanks. Bob.

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