Sunday, January 4, 2015

We The People Have Our Priorities In Order .... Now It's Time for our Politicians to Do the Same

Sometimes it's nice to see what the priorities of our fellow citizens really are. Many of the headlines recently have been about ISIS, Russia and Iran, race relations, immigration, education and income inequality. And, of course, those items are important for all Americans.

But according to a new Gallup poll (for the details, click on Gallup link below), they are not the four most important priorities for the vast majority of us, and that's a good sign for all of us, at least in my view.

Along those lines, maybe --- just maybe --- the year 2015 will see the beginning of some common sense based focus on the biggest issues facing America today. Let's hope so.

Facts & Figures: Government Leadership Worries Americans Most has the clear headed results of a just released Gallup survey:

"A poll released on Friday found that Americans were more worried about the country’s political leadership and political conflict than any other issue.

Via Gallup
In 2014, four issues generated enough public concern over enough months for at least 10% of Americans, on average, to identify each of them as the nation’s most important problem. Complaints about government leadership — including President Barack Obama, the Republicans in Congress and general political conflict — led the list, at 18%. This was closely followed by mentions of the economy in general (17%), unemployment or jobs (15%) and healthcare (10%).
2014 was also the first year since 2007 that the economy was not the top ranking issue, and it was the first year ever in Gallup records that dissatisfaction with government topped the list. Without a dominant issue such as the economy, the Iraq War or terrorism crowding out other issues as they have in years past, this is also only the third time since 2001 when three issues garnered at least 15% in average mentions."
Summing Up

There's hope for better times in America as we enter 2015.

Plenty of it.

Most Americans "get it." We really do.

Now let's 'encourage' the politicians to do so as well. While that's not likely, it is possible. Definitely so.

That's my take.

Thanks. Bob.

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