Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Math Help Needed ... Please Consider Joining the New "learning Center" Effort

For those of you who know math, please consider helping solve a problem related to the "why" and "basic meaning" of learning and knowing math.

Please go to and read yesterday's post by my son Chad titled "It's not a School".

Then click on the "read more" section at the bottom of the post where the math problem for youngsters, for which a dumb oldster like me can offer no help, is revealed at the very end of the post.

Then, unless you're dumb like me, please take the time to comment in the comments section. You'll be doing a public service and feel good while doing so.

I would sincerely appreciate your involvement in our exciting new "venture", and I know Chad and the young students would as well.

We're trying to build a learning community of young people, and this is an opportunity for you to join the fray.

Distance and online learning is in!

Thanks. Bob.

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