Friday, October 12, 2012

Elizabeth Warren ... One Example of Our Impoverished and Overworked College Professors

Elizabeth Warren is running for the Senate against Scott Brown of Massachusetts.

She believes we need to spend more on education and admonishes Brown for taking the position that taxpayers should be getting their money's worth.

Paying Professor Warren is subtitled 'Scott Brown explains why college is less affordable':

"How refreshing to see a politician say that more money isn't always the answer for American education. In Wednesday night's Massachusetts debate, GOP Senator Scott Brown had the audacity to suggest that more taxpayer subsidies for college education may simply transfer wealth to colleges—and their faculty.

The fun began when Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, a law professor at Harvard, attacked Mr. Brown for voting against the umpteenth Senate bill to expand student-loan subsidies. According to the New York Times, Mr. Brown responded that "she makes $350,000 to teach one course" and received a no-interest loan from Harvard. This, he added, is "one of the driving forces behind the high costs of education."

Rising federal subsidies have allowed colleges to raise their prices, pocketing the increased aid that is allegedly intended to help students. According to the College Board, average tuition and fees in the last decade at private schools like Harvard surged a full 2.6% per year faster than the general rate of inflation. Price hikes at public universities have been worse—rising almost 6% per year faster than the consumer price index.

Like health care and everything else that politicians decide to make "affordable," higher education has become unbearably expensive. Kudos to Mr. Brown for suggesting there may be a better way to make college affordable, perhaps by requiring professors like Ms. Warren to spend more time in the classroom."

Summing Up

Ms. Warren is all about saving the middle class and the educational system from Republican tightwads.

Is she working too hard and being underpaid at the same time?

I'll bet she thinks so. How dare we question how our taxpayer funds are spent by "public servants" like would-be Senator Warren.

And we'll never provide government bureaucrats with enough OPM to satisfy people like her.

In fact, anything less than everything she wants to spend won't be deemed to be "fair," regardless of whether any of it represents money well spent.

Thanks. Bob.

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