Thursday, July 19, 2012

ATTENTION ... ALL Basketball Fans and Junkies

Chad is broadcasting and highlighting the nation's best high school basketball players in action these next few days. 

Please visit his site if you want to see the future big time college and NBA players "at work" before they're even out of high school.

The national Nike "Peach Jam" event is in its 17th year in the Augusta area, and the tournament always attracts the attendance of all the big time and other major college coaches.

The Nike event began last evening and will last for the next several days, ending Sunday.

This morning at 9 am, the nation's top ranked player will be in action.

Games will take place on 4 courts throughout the day and evening.

By visiting Chad's site, you can see them all, including highlights.

So for those of you who who enjoy watching quality basketball, take some time and see the action.

It's "guaranteed" to be worth your time.

Thanks. Bob.

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