Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Story of Who Creates Jobs and Wealth ... It's Not The Government

The Sources of Wealth is a straightforward reminder of what causes our American prosperity and how jobs and wealth are actually created.

Readers of this blog already know how these things work, but far too many politicians either don't know or don't want to acknowledge these simple truths---at least publicly.

In a properly functioning self governing society, an informed citizenry is essential. Accordingly, it's time for those of us who "get it" to pass the word along to those who need to hear it. So please pass it on---publicly.

Here's the basic message:

"There are two kinds of jobs, but only one kind creates wealth. Unfortunately, we seldom think about where jobs or wealth come from, until they stop coming. Well, it's mostly sales jobs that create wealth, and not just for the salespeople or companies who benefit, but for everyone who's part of a free-market economy. . . .

Before wealth and jobs can be created, somebody has to sell something.

The more ... sold, the more new production ... required, and thus, the more new jobs ... created. No politician in Washington can do better.
THE SOURCE OF WEALTH IS celebrated by those who bring it into the world; the entrepreneurs who sign the front of the paychecks, manage the payroll, buy equipment and services, and give birth to new enterprises. They're very different from those who kiss babies and tax or regulate wealth creation.

The less said in political company about the realities of economic procreation, the better. Wealth and profit in government circles are dirty words. What many in government don't realize is that private jobs fund the public good and public works. However, few of the direct beneficiaries will admit this fact.

Spending one's life bringing real goods and services into the marketplace and selling them at a price greater than their cost creates the wealth of our nation. Yet it is rarely referred to as public service. Even less honored is the management of the process, especially when jobs are sacrificed to maintain profits. Nevertheless, eliminating jobs is a key to creating wealth. Redeploying assets is what creates the new jobs that continue a cycle of new wealth creation.

Government does not understand the creative economic cycle. Officials try to "save" jobs by confiscating wealth. Even when they do "invest" the wealth of others to do things they deem worthy, they are most concerned with perpetuating their tenure in office, not with enriching the nation."

Summing Up

This above referenced  article well supplements the prior post on the Obama administration's new TV ad attacking Bain Capital and the role of private sector companies in creating jobs and prosperity for all Americans.

If you have time, please read the article in its entirety. It may help convince you that my stance on the GST Steel ad isn't a political one.

It's not at all about simple and silly politics.

It's about the need to tell the true story of what makes America great---and free.

Pass the word.

Thanks. Bob.