Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chinese Graduate Students In America Are Growing As Are American Student Debts

Chinese Students Flood U.S. Grad Schools details the growing numbers of Chinese students in American graduate schools.

Our prestigious American business schools are experiencing a continuously increasing stream of applications and enrollment by Chinese and other international students as well.

My take on this is simply that business success is hugely important to the Chinese. Their ongoing strong economic performance means that many Chinese citizens now have the money to spend, and they consider education, particularly business education, as critically important to the future prosperity of their citizens and country as a whole.

Our American schools of business remain the world's finest and are the schools of choice for Chinese citizens in their quest to raise the standard of living for all Chinese citizens. Encouraging profitable, growing businesses in combination with the requisite business leadership knowledge represent the clearest path to prosperity.

One analyst attributes the Chinese student grad school growth in America to the economy in China by saying, "In China the economy is booming and both students and their parents have the money and are willing to invest it in education."

Conversely, the article points out, "Meanwhile, American students may have more difficulty finding the funds to cover tuition given the troubled economy ...." In that regard, Student Loan Debt Climbs points out how, unlike other forms of debt these past few years, student loan debt for Americans has risen by 25%.

At Stanford, Michigan and MIT, the percentages of international students to total enrollment in these highly regarded business schools are 37%, 34% and 40%, respectively.

A strong and growing domestic economy is essential to our citizens' future prosperity. So is a strong business community, which in turn depends largely on the knowledge and leadership capability of its business leaders.

The world is now and will remain a highly competitive place in which to do business, and we Americans know how to compete. We also have the best educational facilities, so now we just need to gather the personal and political will to get the job done.

Thanks. Bob.

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